Payroll software for Canadian businesses
     * For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP *


To order, simply fill out this order form BEFORE you print it.

* A T T E N T I O N *   It is very important to enter the EXACT  business name because this name will be printed on the cheques, reports, T4 slips, Relevé slips, etc. You can not modify this name yourself. To correct a name, you must contact us to obtain a new coded file. This control file contains the name of each of your authorized businesses (i.e.; the ones that you purchased the VSPS 2023 license for).


In the case of a 2 business license, you must enter the second business name in the box provided for that purpose at the end of the order form. Note that our invoice will be issued to the name of the first business.


For a VSPS license of more than 2 businesses, you must send us, by email, the list of these names.


Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you, by email, your invoice, the installation instructions and the control file containing the name of each of your authorized businesses. As for the software, you must download it from the Download menu by selecting "VSPS (complete version)".

Business name:
City / Town:
Postal code:
Telephone:     Fax:
How did you hear about the VSPS program?
First purchase of VSPS?

VSPS 2023   * Including 1 hour of free support (per license)
  License(s) for a single enterprise @ $ 240.00
  License(s) for a single enterprise with CCQ payroll (construction in Quebec) @ $ 320.00
  License(s) for 2 enterprises (with CCQ payroll) @ $ 360.00

VSPS 2023 for more than 2 businesses
* Including 2 hours of free support (per license) and CCQ payroll (construction in Quebec).
* You are allowed to install VSPS on as many computers as you wish.
  License(s) for up to 10 businesses @ $ 420.00
  License(s) for up to 20 businesses @ $ 480.00
  License(s) for up to 40 businesses @ $ 580.00
  License(s) for illimited number of businesses @ $ 2,400.00
* You manage the Names-23.CLE file yourself. Therefore, you can add, modify or delete business names
for which you can process payroll with VSPS. This type of license is limited to a single physical location
only (for example, one accountants office address).

  Block(s) of 30 minutes @ $ 40.00
  Block(s) of one hour @ $ 60.00
  Block(s) of 2 hours @ $ 110.00


PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT:     Optional info: 
GST/HST (# 1163983068 RT0001):
QST  (# 1212423714 TQ0001):

Payment method

Option 1:   Cheque payable to VSPS Software
Option 2:   Credit card
Card number:
Expiration (mm-yy):
Verification code  
(3 digits on the  
back of the card):
Card holder's name:

Signature: x ___________________________________________

In the case of a 2 business license, please enter the EXACT  second business name:

Name of the second business:

If you pay by credit card, you can fax us your order form at: (819) 847-4051 or you can send it by email (vsps.info@gmail.com)
If you prefer to pay by cheque, you can send us this order form to the following address:
VSPS Software
P.O. Box 615
Magog, Québec
J1X 5A8
Prices may change without notice.
Please note that like most software purchases by download, the software purchase is not cancellable or refundable.

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